Dry Kill Logic – lost


I have nothing-everything’s taken from me
Force what’s inside out on those that try to hide
No give all take -this will bend but never break
I see I hate all the love you try and fake

These are the things and the ways that will blind you All alone inside so
you follow
On your knees do you spit or you swallow?
Without you I’m…Lost

3 things ring clear Truth be told is what you fear
So is it true indifference has spoiled you?
How can you fed- ignorance in bliss is real?
Soon you’ll be gone and the rest will carry on


See the ways I’ve
Gone and I’ve tried
Never dismissed
With only one wish
To be seen
Having to be heard
Cause it’s never been the same
Since you ignored all this
Life passed you by having seen the well is dry
All in due time-feeding off the compromise
Fuck that-fuck you
Careful what you wish is true
Who will fall last?
Having seen the failure pass


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