Nice & Smooth – Sum Pimped Out


Aww yeah, hey listen
I’m in here with the Honeycomb Hideout Honey
And uhh, we all chillin, redbones and uhh, yeah
It’s me Smooth Bee
I got my ace in the hole, my ace boom poom
Greg N-I-see-E, in the place to be
He constructed this here
see’mon over here G, tell ‘em a little somethin man

[Greg Nice]
Aiyyo, first of all Smooth Bee (uh-huh)
I want to thank all the homeboys for goin out and buyin the album
YknahwhatI’msayin makin things right (yeah) and overall (uh-huh)
I thank all the beautiful, beautiful beautiful sweet sexy ladies
of the world (hah, yeap) knahwhatI’msayin Smooth? (uh-huh)
I love all the ladies, I love ‘em all
- we love you too!

[Smooth Bee]
Hey listen man, I don’t discriminate, why’know
They can be why’know, gypsy(?) and tall, or short fat skinny I don’t care
Big butts and all that

[Greg Nice]
Mmm-hmm, for sure
But as we go into detail (aww yeah)
I just want to warn why’all that this album is.. STOO-PID!

[Smooth Bee]
Aiyyo Teddy Ted, whassup baby?
- oochie coochie kiss kiss!

[Greg Nice]
Ah one two, in the place to be
Ah one two, in the place
To my man Teddy Ted, rockin on shockin on
Cool Chris, rockin on shockin on
Dana, rockin on shockin on
Vanessa, rockin on shockin on
And Smooth Bee, rockin on shockin on
Special K, rockin on shockin on
And Slick Nick, rockin on shockin on
Mo be Brown, rockin on shockin on
A Greg Nice, rockin the house
Rock shockin the house, rock shockin the house
To the AIDS patients, rock it on shock it on
Yo I’m out

{*girls in background ad lib and fade out*}

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