J. Holiday – Wrong Lover


[Rick Ross (J. Holiday)]
You Might need a passport for this one
Its international
(And we got a special guess)
Guess who, boss!
(You know sometimes ladies they move to fast and they choose the wrong one)
(But if you like me)
(we just might take yours back)
Im with that
(like repossession)
Belive that

By the way that you scream my name
I put a talk that you ain’t been claimed
Now you up in here with that lame
Looking back you chose the wrong lover
(that’s the wrong dude over there Baby)
And I can tell that you feel the same
You see me your expression change
I don’t want To approach or disrespect
So I text you I gotta have you tonight

So lets do it again
Meet me at the spot
So we can Dot dot dot-dot dot dot
Alright (Alright)
She hit me back like 3 O’clock

Is the way that you walk smooth (so sexy)
The way that You move oh
Girl I cant let You escape I have to repossesuate
Is the way that you walk smooth
The way that You move h
Since that night you was all mines
You realized you chose the wrong lover

By the way that You play your game
Put a talk that your field done changed
But baby now all you can say for yourself is I love ya
And its written all on your face (all over your face)
That you wanna meet me at your place
I don’t want To approach or disrespect
So I text baby whats up for tonight (sup baby deal with me)



[Rick Ross]
I need you baby
Riding with that sucker Not a good look
Not a good Look!
Not fronting baby I Got more paper than Him to
Not being arrogant or am I?

[Rick Ross]
I shines on a rainy night
My new Mercedes bright
I let her hit the smoke
Me knowing this how lady’s like it
We counting thousand stacks
I’m on my 89th
She on her 21st
Feel like a pretty curse
But then the tables turn
She acting like she ain’t concerned
Running with a wide receiver cause hes paper firm
Another angel came
Player got hes ankle sprained
Out for the season now she see that things are not the same
She made the wrong choice picked the wrong man
But baby I forgive now get with the program
Its Ricky Ross J. Holiday
You a star and I got the perfect part to play


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