Dr. Dre – Bang Bang


Everywhere I go, all I ever seem to hear is
Bang bang! bang bang!
No matter where I go, all I ever seem to see is
Bang bang! bang bang!
Everywhere I go, all I ever seem to hear is
Bang bang! bang bang!
No matter where I go, all I ever seem to see is
Bang bang! bang bang!

[Dr. Dre]
Everyday it’s the same thing, l.a. ain’t changed
Niggas still player hating, but dre ain’t changed
I’m just a lot smarter now
Cause these niggas is banging ten times harder now
Niggas ringing they ass up in the wrong part of town
Better turn they car around
Rollin the window down (em: hey can we talk it out?)
(hitt: nah get the fuck out!)
Johnny got a shotgun
And he ain’t even strong enough to cock one
Fuck tryin to job hunt
Niggas got AK’s, niggas is way crazier
Than Dre was back in his n.w.a. days
Niggas spray strays and shoot without looking
Niggas walk by and blast without leaving a footprint
I think the attitudes are twice as worst
It takes half the time to get your life reversed
Always trying to play rambo with they ammo
Make a nigga want to stay in family mode


Late nights is full of led that whistles as it goes by
Murder arrives, anytime
Bullets take flight when the fo’-five ignites
Some hearts skip a beat, some get blew out, and every light
Put you in the site of youngsters with automatics
Bustin on shit to lay everything down even tourists and non-affiliates
These days, gun play is official with green lights on every block
Know the sign tells you too it’s not best to stop
On every corner, cali niggas are dumping
You’ll be shaking your soul loose from the box at the coroner’s
Making death not so foreign to ya
Niggas got rugers and m-14′s with enough,
Ammo to leave an armored truck swiss cheese
I’ve learned to stay away from house parties
I’ve seen too many go and end up absent without leavin
Ain’t no, warm welcomings, my eyes have witnessed the bend in on
Nights that don’t sleep, and fireworks until dawn


Now tell me, what the fuck is this man?
Niggas doing brothers in worse than the klan
Can’t even stand, in front of your building and chill
Without yielding, twelve-year-old children that kill
Blood spilling, thugs be illin, unnecessary slugs
Filling the sky, usually drilling the one
That wasn’t willing to die, yes sir in the killing field
I got my, life preserver
And I’ll do my time for murder, these niggaz got the nerve to
Question me, bout the colors that I got on?
Now see that red dot on your knot
Bout to get your whole crew shot on
A soldier of fortune, I’m the wrong nigga to plot on
Took him out on the spot before he even got on
My hit list, peep this
I cock back, you bow down
Bust round, bloody the ground, retaliation sounds like this

[Chorus: x2]

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