New Music: Zedd (feat. Selena Gomez) – “I want You To Know”


The sooner the higher, right? Zedd’s much-anticipated initial cooperative track with girlfriend Selena Gomez “I want You To Know” leaked on-line nowadays (Feb. 22) around midday, simply on a daily basis before its regular iTunes worldwide unharness.

The EDM song is confirmed to be the lead single from the German DJ’s forthcoming second studio album – follow-up to 2012′s “Clarity” – which can arrive in stores later this year via Interscope Records. might I cue you that as of Gregorian calendar month 2014 Selena and her new boo Zedd share identical label (didn’t you recognize she finally quit Disney?).

I want You To Know” was entirely created by Zedd (duh) and word has it the song was co-written by each the “Break Free” producer and pop sensation Selena Gomez because the upbeat love song is plainly a piece impressed by their real-life relationship.

selena gomez and zedd couple

“I want You To Know” review

Undoubtedly, this song options one amongst, if not the simplest EDM production that Zedd has ever created. That breakdown is wonderful. Although, I’m thinking it’ll get halved within the official “I want You To Know” radio edit. It’s simply to a small degree too long for radios, isn’t it?

Having praised the EDM beat, allow us to targeted on Selena’s half, that is, the singing and content of the song.

“I want You To Know” isn’t that vocally exacting thus Selena Gomez sure enough had a straightforward time once recording within the studio. Let’s be honest, she isn’t the best singer of all time, thus having a song that doesn’t extremely force her to travel that top, or manufacture long notes is that the smartest thing that might happen to her. once she’s in her vary, though, she extremely sounds pretty.

Overall, “I want You To Know” could be a catchy song (love Selena’s vocal inflection within the chorus once she sings the “that it’s our time” bit), however i used to be in person thinking it might ‘better’ in how and catchier too. And though Zedd’s beat is sick, i do not grasp why I actually have the will to label this song as ‘generic’ and ‘forgettable’. It most likely has one thing to try and do with the actual fact that i am not that crazy regarding EDM music any longer and not that “I want You To Know” could be a dangerous song, though.

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Feb 23, 2015
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