Beyond My Dreams – To The Hopeless (It’s Not Over)


When you see their faces in the crowd
Masking all the pain, they smile
With all the haunting thoughts
Please know these will pass with time

To the girl screaming am I really worth it?
To the boy thinking soon they’ll all regret it
To the woman crying how can I support them?
To the man pleading God, I don’t deserve this

Have hope, have hope
This life can’t always be our picture perfect fantasy
Sometimes we have to fall to get where we want to be
So cover up those scars and place that gun into my hand
Let me show you how it is I became a man

You are worth every breath you take
You are worth every life you change

I will pick you up from this shallow grave
Dust your shoulders off and lift your head

I will pick you up
All you have to do is take my hand

You are worth it now
You are worth everything

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