Still Standing (2002)
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The Deadly Venoms — Don’t Care

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Yo, N-Tyce got, a lot, heat packin’ out
I don’t care what you rappin’ bout
I don’t care what your gun clappin’ but, blackin’ out
How the roses is actin’ out, lackin’ clout

Aiyo, I don’t give a fuck, how many albums you drop
How many niggaz in the streets, who be givin’ you props
How many thorough chicks you know, who be blowin’ the spot
Who keep it gangster, Pretty Thugs, though we takin’ it

And I don’t care what you spittin’, as long as I stay hittin’
Bangin’ in the clubs or the cars, gettin’ tipsy
At the crib or the bar, toured out, easy star
Believe me, huh

I don’t care about the cars and the jeeps
I just care about the bars when I creep
Hard when I speak, steady holdin’ cards when I cheat
More than a fleet, part in the week, stars in the heat

Aiyo, I don’t give a fuck, how many chips you stack
How many rappin’ chicks you get to appear on your track
How many Grammy’s you accept, ’cause you still way wack
How many times I gotta tell you that the Venoms is back

New millennium, 20-02, it’s all on you
And I could care less about what you been through
And don’t nobody bring me
No bad news, ’cause it’s real in the game

"I ain’t callin’ no names" — N-Tyce
"Take that, now you got one to grow on" — J-Boo
"I ain’t callin’ no names" — N-Tyce
"Take that, now you got one to grow on" — J-Boo
"And it strike like thunder" — Champ
"Things gon’ change" — N-tyce
"Take that, now you got one to grow on" — J-Boo

I don’t care, ’cause I’m sick and tired
Of being sick and tired, my click is firee
D.V.’s gotta get the flyer
Remember the name, we got hits to hire

Aiyo, how many timese have I told you, we be droppin’ them hits
How many days we bee spazzin’, blackin’ out in the pit
How many nights, we be spittin’, tag teaming on chicks
Late night, up at the session, then it’s back to the grits

I don’t care what you think about us, Venoms still can’t be touched
Ya’ll cats just ain’t fast enough
To roll with us, livin’ fabulous
The ghetto way, to play around when it’s time to get paid

I don’t care about the ice and the chains
I’m just nice in the game, even when I flip nice
Guaranteed to hit tricks twice, when I range
Rip shit bright when I bring, cock when I aim

Aiyo, how many times that I told, we gon’ change the game
And I don’t even gotta say it, you be knowin’ the name
But I’mma say it anyway, ’cause it’s all the same
Deadly Venoms is the squad, as world peep gamee

Any niggaz could rap, ’cause of me, your career’s a wrap
Watch yourself when it’s time to react
D.V.’s bring it back to the map, yo, it’s time to attack
Smackin’ your ass, so watch your back


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