Welcome To America (1994)
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Schoolly D – I Wanna Get Dusted


I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby
I wanna get dusted, I gotta get dusted baby

Drivin’ in my car, down the avenue
Chewin on a J, what the fuck can ya do?
Dip around the corner in my nigga’s Mercedes
First thing I see is a fly young lady
Jump out my ride and proceed to kick game
First thing I kick is my motherfuckin’ name
Schooly D bitch you know that I’ma winner
I getcha high and take ya ass out to dinner
Talk about the cheeba and we talk about the black
It’s 93 and the bitch smoked crack
Took her to the crib, first thing that I did
Kicked her ass and I fucked her on the bed
I pulled the gat and popped two in the dome
Yo my nigga, ’cause it’s on
Seen mo’ blood than a nightmare thriller
Schooly D, I’ma crack bitch killa

Sittin in the crib, mindin my own
I get a call from my nigga named Bone
Told me that some niggas was trippin’
I grab my gat and put the motherfuckin’ clip in
Grab my cheeba, jump into my ride
Had’ta cruise to the south side
Lookin’ on the corner who should I see?
A motherfucker lookin’ just like me
I grab my gat, start poppin
Punk motherfuckers start droppin’
Seen more blood than a Friday night thrilla
Schooly D, the crack pussy killa

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