Rick Trevino – I Want a Girl in a Pick-Up Truck


I like the old ones and I like ‘em new
Everything about them fits my attitude
No matter where they’re going or where they’re from
I like to watch ‘em go by, each and every one

I see them on the roads, out in the parking lots
They’re purring in my ear, showing me what they’ve got
I’ve never wanted anything so much
I’ve got to have one – I want a girl in a pick-up truck

Power steering, gun rack, spare tire in the back
Goose neck trailer hitch, four-wheel drive
Son-of-a-muddy-ditch wouldn’t slow her down
She’d be too tough, man, I want a pick-up truck

I sure am lonesome sittin’ all alone
Just waitin’ for someone to come and take me home
I guess some guys have all the luck
To have a girl by their side ridin’ home in her pick-up truck

Power windows, granny gear, tool box in the rear
Four-barrel dual wheels, king cab cowboy
Carryin’ automobile, I’d put the windows down
Turn the radio up, man, I want a girl in a pick-up truck

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