Meredith Edwards – You Get to Me


I am as guarded as Alcatraz when I want to be
Never been disarmed by boyish charm
So darlin’ you tell me
Why do I throw down my weapons
When you smile so harmlessly

I stay as calm as Mona Lisa
Keep my cool, come what may
The perfect picture of composure
So it bothers me to say
That I go wild as a Picasso
When you look at me that way

I’m helpless
I’m breathless
I can’t guess
Why you get to me
I’m fallin’
So hopelessly
You get-you get to me

I am as valiant as Galahad
In the face of fear
Never one to run from danger
So to me it isn’t clear
Why I tremble like a coward
When you whisper in my ear


I stand solid as Gilbraltar
Against life’s rain and wind
A will of granite that nobody yet
Has made a blemish in
But I liquefy like quicksand
When your fingers touch my skin


Your sweetness
My weakness
Can’t fight this
You get to me
You thrill me
You kill me
I will be
Fallin’, fallin’, fallin’, fallin’,
I’m helpless
I’m breathless
I can’t guess why

Your sweetness
My weakness

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