Ready To Hang (1998)
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Jim Roll – The Fall


Well he though he’d tell her something boyfriends never said
Thought he’d steal away her heart while his words rattled round her head
He saw her as a smooth black stones with eyes wet and deep
And he told her I don’t want anyone flirting with me

She maintained her composure knowing full well inside she was a kid
She said: "at least we’re starting out honest boy
That’s something my parents never did".
They walked home tense and excited
Both next to someone they couldn’t see
And the night rumbled and it quaked
And the traffic light turned from red to green

Well she had told him once: "Don’t trust me".
But she wasn’t the tramp that she wanted so badly to be
And he was too naive to see her just trying to break free
From another boy
Trying to bring her father to his knees.

They made love two weeks later to the humming of her bedroom fan
And the candlelight jumped and he traced the palm of her hand
And she jumped up from the bed
And ripped the calendar from the wall
The one her father had drawn with his hands before the fall.

He though he’d tell her something
Boyfriends never said

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