Just The Facts: The Complete Kayvette Recordings 1975-1978 (2009)
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Facts of Life — Sometimes

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Hello, baby, are you married


And tell me
Are you really, really happy
(Yes, sometimes)

But sometimes I feel like
I’ve just got to get away
From that same old existence
Day after day
Oh, havent you ever felt that way

Now, I can see that you’re married
Don’t you love her

HBut you have thought
About cheating, haven’t you
(Yes, sometimes)

But sometimes I long for
A warm and tender kiss
Just to see if there’s anything
I might have missed
Oh, haven’t you ever felt like this
(Yes, sometimes)

And it’s beginning to feel like
Like this might be one
One, one, of those sometimes
(Those one time in a lifetime)

I may begin to hold you
Kiss and console you
Drive you right out of your mind
But I know if we do
I won’t get over you
For quite some time

I won’t do it, I won’t do it
I won’t do it, baby

But I know if we do
I just might not get over you
For quite some time

Say it again, baby
Ooh, baby

But I know if we do
I won’t get over you….

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