Back Again...No Matter What: Live 2008 [2 Discs] (2009)
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Boyzone – I Want You Back


I want you back
When I had you to myself I didn’t want you around
Those pretty faces always made you
Stand out in a crowd
But some picked you from the bunch
When a glance was all it took
But now it’s much too late for me
To take your second look

Oh baby give me one more chance
Show you that I love you
So won’t you please let me
Back in your heart
Oh darling I was blind to let you go
Let you go baby
But now since I see you in his arms
I want you back

I want you back
Oh, oh baby
I want you back
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I want you back
Na, na, na, na
I want you back
Ah, ah, ah

Trying to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you girl
That I know wrong from right
Every street you walk on be
I leave tears strains on the ground
Following the girl
I didn’t even around


Bon voyage
From April to March
My lyrics comin’ fatter
Suspected extra large
Now me and my boyzThe brand new rampshakers
Jackson five did it like shaq with the Lakers
Now I got the new stiff
Straight comin’ buckwild
Music is my religion and the remakes are alright
I got a little message that I like to tell
Nobody is missing you like me baby
Ring my bell
It’s 1998 you see
I want you back
Te quiero like it’s used to be
I want you back
And all the peoples in the place to be
I want you back
All the ladies com’ on rock with me

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