Big Brovaz – OK


OK now let me tell you
What this song is all about
Party people let me hear
You scream and shout
Without a doubt
Cause I am about to
Turn this whole party out
I know that you’re feeling this
Cause I see you bumping
All your heads to this
Especially the men ’cause
They be feeling this bliss
Cause they see the ladies
All shaking their hips
Don’t just stand there, throw
Your hands up in the air
And you sitting down
Get up off the chair
You don’t see a party
Going on over there

If you got a job and
Money in your pocket
Let me hear you say (OK!)
All my ladies if why yall don’t care
Let me hear you say (OK!)
And if that’s your car
Parked outside the
Bar let me hear you say (OK!)
And if you’re dressed to
Impress, you don’t take stress
Let me hear you say (OK!)

Pulled up on chrome,
Left wifey back at home
Got some fresh gear, and
All kinds of ice on
Gotta pocket full of doe, you know
If you got the same things
Let me hear you go, Okay
Were gonna party till
The break of day
B-B coming through,
And were here to stay
Better make way
And if you got game,
Its time to play
I’m trying to find me a dime
That just say, okay

Well its the year 2G,
Gotta get your own
Gotta have your home
Get your phone
Getting money from your
Man that’s a no, no
Gotta get a job so you get paid
Gotta get a man so you get,
I know you understand
Now for the men gotta
Ditch your friends
Gotta meet your ends.. so
You can drive a new benz
Move out your mums
Gotta get some grams
Gotta fix up be a real man

If you got a job and
Money in your pocket-aca

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