Avant – Graduated


Starts with a conversation
Then a number on a piece of paper
She’s feeling unappreciated
So she files it away for later
See you done got you a lot of passes
Sick of waiting on you to change
Cause you done gave her motivation
She’s contemplating bout changing lanes

You won’t know it
It’s a perfect disguise
She won’t show it
But lips don’t lie
(It’s okay)
If she shows up with a couple Louie bags that you know you didn’t buy
(It’s okay)
If you’re in the bed and her phone rings in the middle of the night
(It’s okay)
If she says she was out with her girls and you know it’s a lie
But if she kissed him that’s your kiss goodbye

I don’t want to be the one
Be the one who said I told you
She ain’t trying to stick around
She gone find another shoulder
To take care of her heart
Don’t be surprised if she walk away
Cause somebody else is waiting for you to slip so they can take your place


Don’t let her get away
Don’t make her pay for your mistakes
You’ll be lying to yourself if you think
She won’t be with someone else
If you really want to make it right
Be the only one on her mind
What goes around comes back around
And you don’t want to be short


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