Sad Clown Bad Fall No. 10 (2007)
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Atmosphere – Party Over Here


Party over here, fuck you over there [x8]

And there she blows, slip into the bathroom
Lock the door, sniffing like a vacuum
And I know that it ain’t nobodies business
But last time she was in there for twenty minutes
Her roommate Ruth sitting at that booth
Sucking on that wine like she’s gonna find the truth
Just wait ’till her lips turn blood red
She’ll fall in love with whoever, ’nuff said
And that’s Johnson
He’s always on some agro frat bro gangsta stompin’
Acts like he’s the only white boy from Compton
If real G’s show up, the attitude is gone
Jill forgot that they agreed no coke
Cause Jacks on the couch passed out with his mouth open
Led Zepplin, Stairway To Heaven
Stay in step cause anyone can have a weapon
Just like Chad, real white trash
Short fuse quick to put his foot up your ass
Heads up, that’s his wife Rebecca
And I advise you to try not to smile at her
And lets all have deep conversation
Alcohol and dialogue, perfect combination
Throw in a cokehead or a pothead
Just can’t stop them thought provoking topics
Look somebody puked in the fridge
Ain’t that great, it’s where the beer lives
The music’s too loud to hear the fire alarm
And I’ma set a fire if you don’t change the song

Nothing but love
Yeah there was a party, many people came through
Standing on the wall, cause that’s what I do
Small-talk shot dialogue push snooze
Defense mechon cause I got a lotta shoes (issues)
The moment got stolen by a lady in red
With a campaign slogan about the straight edge
But her sentence is broken
Her focus a fraction
The ash on her Camels at an inch and a half
And her voice starts to crack
And her head starts to twitch
And Ant looks at me like, "What’s up with this bitch?"
I can tell by the stains and the way she complains
That pills ain’t to blame and it ain’t cocaine
She’s had too, too, too much coffee

Nate must have drank a lot of Black Label
Tryin’ to play the Rottwieler under the table
Now light another cigarette off of the stove
Both ya’ll drunk, which one of ya’ll drove?
These people need to stay off the sauce
I’m shocked that the neighbors ain’t called the cops
The music, the drunk, the fights out front
And half of these kids ain’t even near twenty one
Who’s party is this, who’s home is this?
How’d I get here man, I do grownup shit
Let me know when your games are all done
Cause I can’t fuck with these games you call fun

Have fun [x11]

Party over here, fuck you over there [x8]

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