Hijack (1974)
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Amon Duul – Archy the Robot


I’ve got a robot, it’s a friend of mine
I call him Archy since quite a long time
Archy is my metal archaeopteryx
Specially trained in Hijack tricks
He’s real beautiful artifact
Rehearsed and controlled and daily checked

But ’cause emotionally engaged against Demon’s Lib
He once arranged an impressive cosmic trip
He kidnapped the devil – you could read in big letters
And spanked him until he was cosmically shattered
Archy became a hero and I got degrees
Goblins and angels were laughing in the trees
A roaring, a whistling, a whispering and yelling
In hi-fi, in sci-fi, marching bands belling

Archy certainly has got the genius touch
But this forthcoming project is really too much
You won’t believe it – he wanna capture God
And show him on a television spot

I am not kidding, the angels are really scared
But the expedition is already prepared
I naturally try to get him away from this plan
I promise you I’ll do everything I can
But Archy has a nasty mind
He’s more than a robot
And not very kind – isn’t he?

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