Robyn Hitchcock – The Authority Box


The Authority Box
and the headgrenade
Love is in the blade
Noone ever touches
Everybody watches everyone

When the spoilt child
Hits middle age
Wants to turn the page
The page is stuck with blood
And you know whose blood it is
‘That will do nicely’
Step this way sir
After you’

I call your name
but you don’t hear me
I call your name
But you’re nowhere near me anyway

Sweet 53
My pink is red
Unscrew my head
Failure rips into my ‘you’re too old for this’
With your vanity on
So dual key
So freedom fries
So Texas vow
You and your wife have teeth alive, now haven’t you?
Figure I know your love is nothing personal

I call your name
But you don’t hear me anyway

When the sun goes down
I’m a lonely boy
with a lonely kiss
Say what you like about this
But I’ll never ever bother you

I’m stepping out of my disease
with a CEO and a budget horn
You just married a guy who didn’t know it yet
Nothing wrong with failure
Everybody does it

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

Ah fuck me I’m a trolley bus
Yeah fuck me-I’m a trolley bus
Whoah fuck me-I’m a trolley bus

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